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BRITT  ACAD,   serves the youth of the local and regional community, has been a dream come true for Mr. Britt. This facility has mentored and helps many individuals to go on to reach their greatest potential. Numerous athletes and professional sports aspirants have cited how BRITT ACAD has changed their lives in amazing and positive ways.

Mr. Britt held the life long dream of opening a facility where he could train his own sport-oriented children. After growing weary of seeking consistent gym access for his children, he could only imagine that there were other parents and young sports enthusiasts who could relate to his plight. His focus was to now open up a facility where he would be able to not only train his son and daughter but also maintain a great facility that could also serve as a place to mentor other youths.With no corporate sponsorship, the survival of the facility funding relied totally on out of pocket support. But the mission was too important to just give up. By this time too many youths had became dependent upon those doors opening every day. In the last nine years hundreds of kids have been mentored and received exceptional guidance that would help them on life’s journey. It’s been a joy to witness some of these youths progress from being students with academically failing grades to graduating in top the top of their classes. In the beginning the majority of the patrons came from families of single parent homes and with low income but that didn’t stop anyone from being denied access.
Many youths have found a sense of hope and refuge in our facility and we now ask that you please find a place in your heart to help our youth. We have received hundreds of letters from parents expressing how much the Britt Academy has helped their families and pillar of the community .